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Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones – Female Only Challenge

Based on Archayanami’s Challenge –

Basically its a playthrough but only played with female characters.


– male characters can’t: attack; tank of purpose; open chests with thieves/assassins/rogues; rescue female chars.
– male characters can: store itens, trade, visit villages.
– no save states/hack/cheat

Note: Chapter 5x is an exception, since you don’t have any female characters to play.


– Hard mode

Fire Emblem 8 – Female Only Challenge

Prologue: The Fall of Renais

Chapter 01: Escape!

Chapter 02: The Protected

Chapter 03: The Bandits of Borge

Chapter 04: Ancient Horrors

Chapter 05: The Empire’s Reach

Chapter 05x: Unbroken Heart

Chapter 06: Victims of War

Chapter 07: Waterside Renvall

Chapter 08: It’s a Trap!

Chapter 09: Distant Blade

Chapter 10: Revolt at Carcino

Chapter 11: Creeping Darkness

Chapter 12: Village of Silence

Chapter 13: Hamill Canyon

Chapter 14: Queen of the White Dunes

Chapter 15: Scorched Sand

Chapter 16: Ruled By Madness

Chapter 17: Rivers of Regrets

Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil

Chapter 19: Last Hope

Chapter 20: Darkling Woods

Final Chapter: Sacred Stone (+Final Battle)

*Just the final battle:

*Epilogue and Staff:

*Battle Status (also characters stories):


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